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COE/COS Macro Environment Analysis

///COE/COS Macro Environment Analysis

COE/COS Macro Environment Analysis


Dear Student,
Company of expertise (COE) & country of specialty (COS) Macro Environment Analysis: COE can be an American company currently operating in a foreign country, or planning to enter a foreign country. You may choose an American company that you think should enter another country. It is better to choose a COE that is not operating in your COS. Your COE country of origin and your COS must be two different countries. This means your COE’s country of origin cannot be your COS. US cannot be used as your COS. You cannot choose a foreign company that is operating in, or planning to enter, or should enter the US market.
You cannot use Netflix as your COE. You cannot use the US or Taiwan as your COS.
A1 Company of expertise and Country of specialty macro environment should include the following sections:
1.0 Cover Page (Should include company name, company logo, brand or mark, county of specialty flag, course number and name, semester, your name and any other relevant information) 1.1 Table of contents (TOC) (should include section numbers and page numbers) (must use the auto TOC from word) 1.2 Executive Summary of your analysis (1/2 of a page, paragraph format). Summary of key points in your analysis 1.3 Introduction about your COS (1/3 of a page, paragraph format). 1.4 Introduction of your COE (1/3 of a page, paragraph format) 1.5 Background of your COE (1/3 of a page, paragraph format)
2.0 Global Macro Environment with focus on your COS. Macro Environment Analysis, PEST analysis. (2 bulleted points under each sub-section, PEST points should be classified as opportunities or threats) 2.1 Politics, Rules and Regulations; (outline format with discussion of each point) • Key words: Discussion. • Key words: Discussion 2.2 COS Economy, • Key words: Discussion (e.g. Depression: …) • Key words: Discussion 2.3 COS Society and culture, • Key words: Discussion: (e.g., Health Conscious: …) • Key words: Discussion 2.4 COS Technology. • Key words: Discussion (e.g., Internet usage: …) • Key words: Discussion
3.0 Global Competition Analysis.
3.1 Discuss Porter model of five competitive forces in your COS (threat of new entrants, buyers’ power, suppliers’ power, threat of substitutes, and degree of rivalry). 3.2 Primary competitor in your COS: Discuss the primary competitor and compare the strengths and weaknesses with your COE. It is better to use a table to compare the strengths and weaknesses of your COE and its primary competitor (3X3 table). 3.3 Secondary competition: Brief discussion of secondary competitors.
4.0 Target market analysis & segmentation. 4.1 Target market analysis (current and potential segments of consumers). Discuss the 2 strengths and 2 weaknesses of the current target market. 4.2 Target market segmentation (discuss 2 segments). Potential consumers of the selected company in the selected country. Talk about people (consumer segments) that the selected company needs to target in the selected country, their characteristics, their demographics, geographies, and so on (be specific as much as you can). 4.3 Recommended Target market analysis: Discuss the consumers that your COE should target in your COS. Minimum: you should recommend one new group of consumers that your COE should target in your COS.
5.0 Conclusion (paragraph format). Should include a short summary of your analysis and your general opinion on what the company should do moving forward.
6.0 References (APA, No bullets, No numbers). All references must be cross cited in the body of your analysis. Points will be taken for every reference that does NOT appear in the body of your analysis and vice versa.
9.0 Appendix. Optional: An appendix is used to include supplementary material that cannot be inserted in the body of your paper. Examples of appendix items include tables, charts, figures, or pictures to name few (optional).
Pages of the Analysis (These pages assume single space you need to double the pages in case of using double space): Page 0 = Cover page. Page 1 = table of contents. Page 2= executive summary. Must include all the key points in your analysis and recommendations. Page 3= Introduction & Background of the country and company Pages 4-6 = your analysis (Can use extra one or two pages if needed) Page 7 = Conclusion Page 8 = References (APA formatted and should be cross referenced in the body of your Report). Pages 9 on ward = Appendix.
Additional guidelines:
Cover page should include the following statement:
I, ________Student name______________, hereby certify and warrant:
(a) that this Individual Case Study is my original work;
(b) that I have acknowledged all the sources used in this paper.
(c) I understand that copying of another’s work and representing it as my own work is a serious academic offense, and should be treated as such.
Papers should be grammatically correct, with no spelling errors.
There should be no plagiarism whatsoever. Your report should be your own write up using your own words. No copying/pasting from the internet.
Your COE should be B2C Company not B2B company (recommended).
Your paper should be APA formatted. Exception: your pages should be single spaced. Outline format: please use the outline format in your report with discussion of every point. You should bullet and discuss your points. I do not need to search for the start and the end of any point in your paragraphs. Font & Margins: Use Times New Roman font, size 12 points with 1 inch all around.
Use 3-5 scholarly references in your analysis.
Your references should be APA formatted and cross referenced in the body of your analysis.
Do not use more than ten scholarly references in your assignment.
Save your file under your last name, COE and COS (e.g., Swaidan_UHV_China). Drop your file in the Turnitin assignment box by the scheduled deadline.
Please follow these guidelines closely.


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Pages: 12 Words: 4009
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Market Entry Plan – Pakistan

Table of Contents


1.2 Executive Summary 2
1.3 Introduction About Pakistan 3
1.4 Introduction of Wal-Mart 3
1.5 Background of Wal-Mart 3
2.0 Global Macro Environmental Analysis: PEST Analysis: Pakistan 4
2.1 Politics, Rules and Regulations 4
2.2 Pakistan Economy 6
2.3 Pakistan Society and Culture 6
2.4 Pakistan Technological Environment 7
3.0 Global Competitive Analysis: Retail Grocery Stores 8
3.1 Porter Model of Five Competitive Forces in Pakistan 8
3.2 Primary Competitors in Pakistan 8
3.3 Secondary Competition 9
4.0 Target Market Analysis & Segmentation. 9
4.1 Target market analysis (current and potential segments of consumers). 9
4.2 Target market segmentation 10
4.3 Recommended Target Market Analysis in Pakistan 11
5.0 Conclusion 11
6.0 References 12


  • – Executive Summary


In this analysis, we will evaluate Wal-Mart prospects in Pakistani market. For this reason, we explored Macro Environment Analysis of Pakistan. Pakistan is fifth-largest country in terms of population and demand of retail grocery products is increasing continuously. Business automation factors are readily available in Pakistan. People take interest in online present & social media support.

Wal-Mart is huge Multi-national retailer company which is based in United States. From very inception, idea of its business to sell products that people need every day at considerably cheaper price. Its founder Sam Walton was able to setup such a retail stores network which exercise leverage on suppliers and other affiliates to provide products to customers at minimum possible price.

As a retail industry leader, Walmart continuously tackle the potential negative effects of threats in the political, economic, socio-cultural, technological and legal aspects of its business. Observing Pakistan population, growth and shopping trends, it looks obvious that there is demand of such retail grocery network which could provide cheaper products to public at large.

Pakistan has unstable political system. Rules and regulations are not very favorable. Taxes are increasing as mostly government reply on general sales tax collected right from manufacturer’s factories. Despite all these factors many top billionaire American companies are reaping good profit from Pakistan. Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Pepsi, Johnson & Johnson etc. are few examples of these countries. These companies tactfully deal with different religious and cultural scenario of Pakistan. Pakistani government and army have successfully crushed many extremist elements in Pakistan. Pakistan has a developing economy which offers outstanding business opportunities for the right kind of product. Pakistan economic indicators keep changing. Sometimes international rating agencies declare them & sometimes bad. Rating agencies & government both are bound to their interests.

Pakistani culture is diverse containing different languages and traditions. Companies display these aspects in their TV advertising. Pakistanis culture is also little influenced by Western, Arab countries and India so rich Pakistanis take interest in foreign products. Pakistan is technically progressive. Use of cell phones and internet usage is high.

When we evaluate Pakistan for grocery retail stores global competition, we measure it as moderate. Retail superstores culture is not more than ten years old and limited to big cities. Big discounts offer was never used until recently Hyperstar used promotions successfully. Huge retail business is spread over in small stores and shops.

Pakistan retail market size to be around $152 billion with an annual growth rate of 8%. Some experts believe that Pakistan is ahead of India if we compare both countries in infrastructural developments. Gourmet Bakers, Hyperstar, Canteen Stores Department (CSD), Utility Stores Corporation (USC) are doing great business in Pakistan.

Retail and wholesale sector worth is PKR 4.36 trillion, representing around 18.2% of GDP 2013-14. It has increased manifold during recent years. So, there is larger potential & scope for future. However, we should not over-estimate the purchasing powers as bulk of population is still poor. Still there is large lower & upper middle class segments. Hyperstar Shopping Mall Lahore is a success due to entertainment cum shopping culture in Lahore.